We'll Take The Work Out of Your Yachting Experience!


Miami Boat Experts, Inc. started in January of 2014, when we recognized a need to treat our guests like billionaire yacht owners during our charters.

That’s when the “Luxury Yachting Experience” was born! Since then, others have tried to copy our services, but they have failed.

We don’t simply shuttle you around from one place to another like a water taxi, our charter guests receive the entire package. Don’t just rent a yacht. Rent a luxury yachting experience!

We know how to serve the 1% of the world. Now, we want to offer the same service to the other 99%. You’ll truly feel like a billionaire yacht owner!

Our crew of yachting experts are smart, creative professionals who have spent many years working in the yachting industry.

Take a look at our entire fleet of yacht rentals. We also offer services such as provisioning, maintenance & repair.