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66′ Azimut

Charter Services

Location Boarding Location: Miami Beach Marina, South Beach

CALL OR TEXT FIRST! To Confirm Availability
(305) 771-4443
DAY CHARTER Less than 24 Hours
Four Hours + Sales Tax & Crew Tip
Add 1 Hour (Up to 8)
TERM CHARTER 24 Hours or Longer
24 Hours
48 Hours
Add 24 Hours
Weekly (7 x 24 Hours) Except Special Dates
Sales Tax
Crew Tip 15-20% of Retail Price
Security Deposit Fully Refundable
APA (Term Charters) Estimated Amount

Miami Beach Yacht Rental

Our 66′ Azimut is the ideal Miami Beach yacht rental. It joins a class of flashy yachts for rent in Miami Beach without the expensive cost. It’s a great getaway for family & friends. The boarding location is Miami Beach Marina. This classy yacht rental joins a class of prestigious yachts for rent in Miami Beach without the expensive cost.

Welcome aboard! You can relax in the sun aboard your own luxury yacht charter cruising around Biscayne Bay. Rent one of our yacht charters for a cruise along South Beach? Bring your swimsuit, your sunglasses and your party hat. This charter in Miami will be epic. Book with us today, for the best yachting experience in Miami! Let our crew take the work out of your yachting experience!