72′ Absolute

Quick Details

Location Boarding Location: Miami Beach Marina, South Beach, FL

CALL OR TEXT FIRST! To Confirm Availability
(305) 771-4443
DAY CHARTER Less than 24 Hours
4 Hours
Add 1 Hour (Up to 8)
$1062.50 $350
TERM CHARTER 24 Hours or Longer
24 Hours
48 Hours
Add 24 Hours
Weekly (7 x 24 Hours) Except Special Dates
$39,550 $33,900
Sales Tax
Crew Tip 15-20% of Retail Price
Security Deposit Fully Refundable
APA (Term Charters) Estimated Amount
VIP LIST 15% Discount


Our 72′ Absolute is one of our most popular Miami Beach yacht rentals. Whether you are vacationing to the Bahamas, the coastline or cruising the Florida Keys, this yacht rental Miami delivers on all fronts. Welcome aboard! Without a doubt, this luxury yachting experience will take your breath away

Guests will receive the level of service previously reserved for the privileged 1% of the world. We’ll take the work out of your luxury yacht rental experience! We also offer Term Charters to the Florida Keys & The Bahamas. Ask about our rates. We’ll be happy to help you book your next yacht rental in Miami.