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100′ Azimut

Charter Services

Location Boarding Location: Private Dock, Miami River, FL

CALL OR TEXT FIRST! To Confirm Availability
(305) 771-4443
DAY CHARTER Less than 24 Hours
4 Hours + Tax, Tip & Deposit
Add 1 Hour (Up to 6)
TERM CHARTER 24 Hours or Longer
24 Hours + Tax, Tip & APA
48 Hours + Tax, Tip & APA
Weekly (6 x 24 Hours) EXCEPT SPECIAL DATES
Sales Tax Florida Rate
Crew Tip 15-20% of Retail Price
Security Deposit Fully Refundable
APA (Term Charters) Estimated Amount (35-45% of Retail Price)


Feast your yacht seeking eyes on this magnificent Miami Yacht Rental. Board our 100′ Azimut is the most popular for Day Charters (4-8 Hours) and Term Charters (24 Hours or Longer). This yacht rental sleeps 10 guests in 5 staterooms for overnight charters. You can also rent jet skis that will be delivered to the yacht from a 3rd party rental company, for approximately $150 per hour, per jetski or Giant Slide for approximately $500 per hour .Water toys include a Top-Deck Jacuzzi, Magic Carpet & Noodles | Giant Slide (+$500).