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Binoculars All Boat & Yacht Rentals

These yacht rentals in South Florida are longer than 80 feet. The luxury yacht rentals are reserved for those with bigger dreams & bigger budgets. All of these yacht rentals feature some of the best yacht crew in the industry, offering 5-Star service and amenities. We offer the luxury yacht rental experience. Our crew will do all of the work.

Don’t just get shuttled around the bay like a water taxi. Explore the surrounding waters of Miami with us! We offer the best rental yacht charter packages in South Florida. You’ll truly feel like a billionaire yacht owner aboard on of our fancy yacht rentals in South Florida. Rent a yacht in Palm Beach, Forth Lauderdale or Miami and cruise locally. Book a charter to the Florida Keys or sail the Bahamas!

Not exactly sure which luxury yacht rental is the best for your dream itinerary? Take a look at out our handy guide for picking the best yacht rentals in South Florida! Together, we’ll find the ideal yacht rental for your charter in South Florida & beyond. Book your next luxury yacht rental experience today!