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65′ Prestige (2)

Charter Services

Location Boarding Location: Miami Beach Marina, Miami Beach, Florida

CALL OR TEXT FIRST! To Confirm Availability
(305) 771-4443
DAY CHARTER Less than 24 Hours
4 Hours + Tax, Tip & Deposit
Add 1 Hour (Up to 8)
Sales Tax Florida Rate
Crew Tip 15-20% of Retail Price
Security Deposit Fully Refundable


This Miami Beach yacht charter will board at one of the most popular marinas in South Florida. Lined with more than 400 boats & yachts, this 65′ Prestige stands out as one of its best yacht charters. Immediately after arriving at Miami Beach Marina, you’ll feel the vibrant signs of luxury yachting

Made in 2018, the makers of this Miami Beach Yacht Charter have perfected and reinvented its savoir-faire in the industrial construction of yachts. It’s only 4 years old! With multiple decades of experience, Prestige yachts are the jewel of French naval engineering. Designed by sailors for those who love the sea, this Miami Beach yacht charter brings together multiple talents with the goal of achieving excellence.